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Leogang Saalfelden in the heart of the Salzburg mountains notes with its many small details of an oasis rest and relaxation.

Here seduce nature, culture and cuisine in an enjoyable connected world. Leogang Saalfelden promises a pleasurable cultural holiday in the mountains, the Alps, the traditional culture in a fresh,entertaining and cosmopolitan way, re-interpreted!

Hiking holidays in Leogang
Downhillpark Leogang - Asitz
Cycling in Leogang - Saalfelden
Climbing in the Saalachtal
Flying Fox XXL - Leogang
Cycling in Leogang

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Leogang Saalfelden, Salzburg in the heart of the mountains is located with its many small details a veritable oasis of calm and relaxation; Whereas the picturesque range of mountains and the Leoganger Steinernen sea and the rolling grass hills are a unique combination as they are not repeated in SalzburgerLand to find. Benefit hikers, climbers, sports enthusiasts and families with children come here entirely at their expense.

Simply leave the lions offers Alpin Card, already in the room price many fantastic benefits for you. Discover the diversity of a summer vacation and get inspired and captivated by nature, culture and cuisine in Leogang Saalfelden.

If you are in the summer in Leogang Saalfelden with one of our Lion Alpin Card partners spend their holidays, you have room in their price a lot of great benefits included.

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In each shelter, where the lion's characters find Alpin Card, you get even on the day of your arrival for you and your family the Lion Alpin Card and can be up to and including the day of departure all the benefits described use!

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